Most Effective Non-surgical Methods for Hair Restoration

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All around the world, people are suffering from hair loss problems. While some shedding of hair is natural, but drastic hair fall can lead to hair thinning and bald patches. Hair is an important part of the personality of an individual, be it for a male or a female. With the advancement in technology, new and innovative methods have developed that help to restore hair growth naturally. Thus, non-surgical methods for hair restoration are becoming more popular these days as these are less painful and provides the best results. Get the best hair fall treatment in Gurgaon from SB Aesthetics to get the best outcome. At the clinic, the treatment is provided with the most advanced technology by an experienced and best plastic surgeon in Gurgaon, Dr. Shilpi Bhadani. Crown PRP This is considered one of the safest and most effective treatments to restore hair growth and delay hair fall. It is also used as an adjunct to hair transplants for enhanced results. Crown PRP is a signature treatment at SB Aesthetics where PRP is enriched with meso-solution, which has proven efficacy in promoting hair growth. There are no hormones involved in the procedure, and the witnessed results are encouraging. An individual might require multiple sessions to see significant results. These sessions are spaced 3-4 weeks apart. People suffering from any chronic health issues are not ideal for the procedure. Procedure First, the blood is drawn from the patient’s own body. Then, the blood is processed by double centrifugation method. A numbing cream is applied to the scalp until the PRP gets prepared for the procedure to be painless. After 40 minutes, the numbing cream is wiped off. The scalp is cleaned with an antibiotic solution to maintain sterility. PRP is mixed with external growth factors, and with the help of small numbing injections, the mixture is injected into the scalp. The time duration of the treatment is 20 minutes. After the procedure, the patient is provided with ice packs for comfort. The results can be expected from the third month after the procedure. Mesotherapy Mesotherapy is a hair restoration treatment that involves injecting growth factors into the scalp to promote hair growth. The substance that is injected during the therapy depends upon the cause of the hair fall. The ingredients generally contain vitamins, nutrients, and other tissue friendly materials. The treatment is considered safe, with usually no side-effects or allergic reactions. The treatment is highly beneficial for dandruff problems, as well. Procedure The growth factors are injected into the mesoderm layer (present between the layer of fats and tissues of the skin). The procedure is performed with the help of a gun-carrying a sterile needle to inject the solution. The treatment spans over a few months to provide significant results. The sessions are spaced every week for a duration of half an hour. The patient experiences no pain or discomfort during the treatment. People with skin inflammations, diabetes, hemophilia, and pregnancy are not advised to take this treatment. For the best results, consult a dermatologist before undergoing these procedures. Visit SB Aesthetics to receive an apt hair treatment from the best hair fall treatment doctor in Gurgaon, Dr. Shilpi Bhadani. The treatments are designed according to the requirement of the patient. The staff at the clinic is also friendly and hospitable. Pay a visit at the best hair fall treatment clinic Gurgaon, SB Aesthetics, for optimal results. Source:

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