Cheap east london gyms?

By jink at 2013-08-20 10:17:53
Hackney, London Borough of Hackney, London, UK
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2013-08-20 10:17:53

...really only looking for free weights. Some dumbells, a squat rack and a bench. Any thoughts?

2013-08-20 14:53:59

Try the Copper box in the Olympic park - it's brand new very calm and has lots of free weights for about £30 a month

2013-08-20 19:36:59

East London is a large place, but in case it helps, there are council (GLL?) run gyms that are less than £30 counting Mile End park and John Orwell Centre in Wapping. Muscleworks in Bethnal Green is rumored to be one of the best for free weights, which tend to be missing in the chain gyms.

Alternatively there is Fit4less just about Tower Gateway. Location and what times you want to work out mean YMMV.

2013-08-20 19:49:59

Fitness First in Old St is like £30-£35.

2013-08-20 22:05:59
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