Breast Reduction in Dubai

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2021-08-03 13:40:24

The heavy breasts can be very discomforting for some women as it leads to back pain, neck pain, or restrict one from performing certain physical activities. The abnormal size of the breasts can also cause embarrassment and make one feel less confident about their appearance. Breast reduction surgery is an ideal option for females who want to have an appropriate breast size. To get the best surgery for breast reduction in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, one can consult with an expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Parag Telang. Dr. Telang is a leading cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of successful surgeries using advanced techniques. The breast reduction in Dubai depends upon the size of the breasts, the technique adopted for the procedure, the experience of the surgeon, etc.

For more details: Plastic Surgery in Dubai Contact: +971 43952005, +971 50 235 3882 Email: Address: The DentalSPA Medical and Dental Center, 491b Jumeria Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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