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By sosamsara at 2016-08-23 08:14:00
New York, NY 10011, USA
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2016-08-23 08:14:00

sosamsara is the fun, friendly spot for style and trend that is as expressive and unique as you are! Our exclusive line of apparel is available in a full range of sizes and styles― because we believe fashion is for everybody. We also carry the selection of styles from hundreds of independent designers and manufactures.

sosamsara has the most lovely group, offering different kinds of clothing and accessories at the most affordable price. Closer to the manufactures and update weekly. The name of sosamsara also represent our attitudes of trends. 20s' party queen style and Bling Bling stuffs, 60s' British style, hippies and flared pants... All the elements come back to stage again and again. It's not that important to follow the fashion and trend, just find out what is suitable for you, and now we are here to help which is the thing we are devoted to. Our group is excited to hear from you, please join sosamsara party and share your happy moments with us.

2016-12-01 19:42:43

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2022-06-23 10:05:08

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2022-06-29 02:25:36

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