Stolen Bikes around East London - Any Advice Wanted!

By Chickenhawker at 2013-07-27 23:20:06
Shoreditch, London Borough of Hackney, London N1, UK
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2013-07-27 23:20:06

Last night I had my cycle stolen from outside a bar in Shoreditch where I had secured it. Of course I'm kicking myself for being green enough to fasten a relatively modern bike up in hackney then not expect it to be targeted. Having reported it to the law (who I'm aware can only salvage approximately 5% of stolen bikes) I was advised to check out sites like Gumtree and visit local markets in hopes of catching someone trying to offload it.

So, anyone who know of places online or IRL where I might look? Have some of you been victims of bike-theft and what steps did you use to try and recover it? What information can you offer for not being targeted in the future?

Thanks in advance and just for reference, the cycle stolen was a second-hand fusion Ridgeback Nemesis, Matte Grey paint. I didn't log the frame numbers.

2013-07-27 23:34:00

depends who nicked it. pros? they stock them and vend them afterward inconspicuously. opportunists will have by now passed it on perhaps 4 times over and/or broken it down and sold off the wheels, frame, and the rest

2013-07-28 01:27:23

Argh, this is my nightmare...

Good luck getting it back.

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