The Plough in Hackney

By robinTee at 2013-07-28 00:53:32
23 Homerton High Street, London, Greater London E9 6JP, UK
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2013-07-28 00:53:32

Another pub opening in Hackney soon. They have a twitter account as well along with a bit of info.

2013-07-28 00:57:58

Really good to see. This is a striking old structure too. If it proves lucrative – given its positon it is a tad of a gamble but all the same – conceivably it wil help to sway the landlord of the Chesham not to be so bone-headed and re-open the pub.

2013-07-28 00:58:53

I reckon if this is a success, then we’ll see the Adam & Eve (another pleasant copious pub building) get a overhaul inside a year.

2013-07-28 00:59:25

The Adam and Eve is a reasonably decent pub already, although the Jackdaw and Stump is as horrific as its name suggests but forever seems quite busy. Im wondering what’s happening now with the Cecil – the scaffolding has been taken down recently. Guess theyre merely going to sit on the neglected building and hope for an unfortunate blaze or two..

2013-07-28 01:00:52

Looking forward to seeing it open. The guys taking it over are expecting a late July or early August opening, from when they popped into The Five Points Brewing Company a couple of weeks ago. They appear to have an interest in local brewers, which is a good sign.

Or at least the brewery I work for, which is still a good sign.

2013-07-28 01:06:39

incredibly excited about this. in particular if they are going to stock beer from neighboring breweries. Perfect spot for a beer on the way home from work for people living in Homerton and Lower Clapton.

2013-07-28 01:09:41

Since I have lived in Hackney this place has continuously been a dead loss, so delighted to see it re-opening. Apart from the Cecil, which is alas neglected, the locale now has actual choice. I lived here when the Cecil was open but never got to one of their reggae nights. I have been popping into Kino now and again, and find it enjoyable but rather quiet.

Last Friday my pal and I were the only customers after approximately 10. As a real ale fan (if one can still employ the term) and not a ‘craft beer’ type I tend to revert to the hand-pump. Good luck to these ventures. I remain in admiration of the people who give these ventures a go. I stay anxious at the sustainability of these idiosyncratic bars in these tough times. £4.50 a bottle at Kino, and one can pick up a magnificent bottle of Shephard Neame (£2.40) from the local supermarket near the closed Pub (Elephants Head).

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