Pterosaur Lapel Pins

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2018-06-11 03:55:12

Pterosaur definition is - any of an order of extinct flying reptiles existing from the Late Triassic throughout the Jurassic and most of the Cretaceous. Pterosaur lapel pins is die struck from jeweler's metal, enamel color filled and black dye plated. Pterosaur lapel pins feature with two brontosaurs that ready to fly, looks very strong. Each pin includes two standard clutches back that holds this pin securely in place on jacket or back pack.GS-JJ is one of the largest enamel pin manufacturer, provide many different lapel pins including pterosaur lapel pins at the lowest price, first class service and free shipping.

Custom Pins Size: 1.7"

Thickness: 1.2mm

Style: Soft enamel pins

Finish: Black dye finish

Attachments:Butterfly clutch

Packaging: Individual Polybag Our product lines include: Custom Lapel Pins, Custom Lanyards, Custom Baseball Trading Pins, Custom Medals, Custom Belt Buckles, Custom Challenge Coins, Custom Ornaments, Custom Embroidered Patches, Custom Key chains, Silicon Wristband and MORE ... <a href=""> lapel pins </a>

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