Lambeth, Hackney and Islington have the most singles in the UK...

By catOffender at 2013-07-30 14:23:32
Hackney, London Borough of Hackney, London, UK
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2013-07-30 16:48:08

Woo, I'm contributing :-)

2013-07-30 20:00:08

Woo, I'm contributing :-)
Me Too!

2013-07-30 20:07:08

sounds roughly right...

2013-07-30 21:30:08

Looks like I am committing to the cause in Islington.

2013-07-31 00:41:08

Now I feel bad for moving to London and dragging the average down!

2013-07-31 03:13:08

Woo, I'm contributing :-)
Me Too!
Me three! :D.... :).... :|.... :(

2022-06-23 10:25:41

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