Allergan Botox Training Courses in India

By sanjeevnelogiacademy at 2018-09-27 13:45:37
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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2018-09-27 13:45:37

Dr. Sanjeev Nelogi Academy has a complete bouquet of aesthetic training courses in India. He has designed the courses with utmost proficiency and knowledge. Dr. Nelogi has been in this industry for last 11 years and has gained a very thick expertise of aesthetics. He has personally designed the course and is very passionate about training the medical practitioners. Write an email to for booking a course at the academy.

2018-10-01 18:45:07

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2019-08-17 08:07:12

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2019-09-16 13:34:01

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2019-11-01 06:39:00

This is great news for those students who can not get technical education from any regular department, Online training is the best service for such students at their home, I appreciate the think of Dr. Sanjeev Nelogi Dissertation Writing Service

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2020-02-05 11:39:12

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2020-02-05 16:47:28

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