Hackney baths at Kings Hall Leisure Centre... any good?

By jomaDD at 2013-08-02 16:16:46
Lower Clapton Road, London Borough of Hackney, London, UK
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2013-08-02 16:16:46

anybody been to Hackney baths at Kings Hall Leisure Centre? Just at the foot of Lower Clapton Road.

I've been lazily planning to go for a time but suddenly realise that I've only regularly gone to one pool in my life (I'm new to Hackers innit :cool: ) and that was purpose built in the 80's. I am a bit :eek: about going to another! What if it's shit?

So - is the plaster to hair-wads ratio unacceptable or is it OK?

2013-08-02 20:26:46

ive only been there just the once i think. i wouldn't go another time :oops: i've joined a private fitness center instead :(

2013-08-02 23:05:46

i've heard it's pretty rank (dirty etc.) however i've never actually been. that kinda put me off! :D

2013-08-03 04:07:46

I used to pass it virtually every day, I never dared go in though

2013-08-03 06:46:46

Oh dear! :happy:

It's so downright convenient though. I get off the bus in front of it each day and have nipped in just the once to get a timetable leaflet thingy. Thought about asking for a quick look around but chickened out.

I've highlighted the women-only lanes swim on Thursday so I'll report back :)

2013-08-03 07:17:46

Knowing Hackney, I'd use it whilst it's still open.

2013-08-03 11:18:46

Oh god.

What's good regarding it then? Anything at all?

2013-08-03 16:09:46

Knowing Hackney, I'd use it whilst it's still open. :happy: i did hear that the clissold sports centre was about to re-open

yeah exactly

2013-08-03 19:52:46

..for additional investigations

2013-08-03 21:24:46

clearly you havent heard that London Fields Lido has reopened.

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